White paper snippet #1

“CashDab is the world’s anonymous marketplace lender”

Currently, loans are provided through each countries’ banks and finance firms, and are therefore subject to each jurisdictions’ regulations, fees, commissions, and inherent centralised technical challenges.

As commercial banks face increasing regulations and capital adequacy requirements, consumers and corporations find it increasingly difficult to get reasonable financing returns as deposit rates are being flattened to zero and in many places facing negative interest rates. Conversely, in high inflation third world nations, personal loan rates are typically in the double digits.

CashDab is the blueprint for a decentralised application allows anyone to anonymously access a global marketplace lender network and match themselves with borrowers or lenders willing to fund their desired rate of return. CashDab will bypass and disrupt existing cumbersome and costly middlemen entities, and allow cryptographically secure access to competitive loans anywhere and anytime, while adhering to the highest security standards in the blockchain ecosystem.

This was previously not possible until the advent of blockchain distributed ledgers, and effectively means borderless  global financing without the possibility of network downtime, censorship or third party interference. Electronic loans currently form an increasing amount of loan transactions, but therein lies the inherent risk of data loss or manipulation from hacking. This is where blockchain and  immutable cryptocurrencies come in to provide the security.

Take up rates for loans matched through CashDab’s platform will grow exponentially as a result of providing a global decentralised trustless financing service, especially in countries which are underbanked  with high prevailing interest rates.

If CashDab scales enough to have a wide user and transaction base, we see it taking away traditional banks interest income.

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